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Mini Storage Unit Insulation


Item Description Price
White Single Bubble Insulation w/ Foil 375 s.f. image


White Single Bubble Insulation w/ Foil 375 s.f. $104.99
1 – 4$79.99
5 – 9$75.00
10 – 19$65.00
20 +$60.00
Single Bubble White / Foil Insulation 500 s.f. image


Single Bubble White / Foil Insulation 500 s.f. $164.99
1 – 4$104.99
5 – 9$98.00
10 – 19$90.00
20 +$80.00
White Insulation Tape - 2'' x 150' image


White Insulation Tape - 2'' x 150' $12.99
1 – 4$11.99
5 – 9$11.00
10 – 19$9.50
20 +$8.00
White Insulation Tape - 3'' x 150' image


White Insulation Tape - 3'' x 150' $16.99
1 – 4$14.99
5 – 9$14.00
10 – 19$12.50
20 +$11.00

Pre-fabricated Mini Storage Units are widely used around the world for extra storage space of belongings such as furnishings and collectibles. Therefore, it is vital that these storage units are kept dry and that temperatures are uniform inside. Most Mini Storage Buildings are constructed entirely of metal components including the roofing panels. Metal roofing has a tendency to form large amounts of condensation when hot and cold air meet at the roof of the building. The best way to prevent condensation in metal buildings is to install Single Bubble Foil Insulation. This insulation consists of a single layer of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between a& sheet of 99% pure aluminum radiant barrier and a sheet of white poly. The single layer of bubbles form a thermal break while the sheets of highly reflective foil block radiant heat transfer, keeping the inside temperature fairly uniform.

The following images show mini storage units with reflective insulation. The image on the right shows condensation on a soda can.
Foil Insulation installed inside Mini Storage  Pre-Fabricated Mini Storage Buildings  Soda can showing condensation build up

Benefits of using Single Bubble Foil Insulation in Mini Storage Buildings:

  • Effective in extreme temperatures-both hot and cold
  • Strong but clean, lightweight and flexible
  • Easy installation
  • Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing equipment
  • Cuts and installs easier than fiberglass
  • Reflects 97% of Radiant Heat
  • Easily stapled, nailed or glued into place
  • Waterproof, Non absorbent surface

Calculating Square Footage for Mini Storage Unit Insulation

Use the following calculation to determine your interior wall square footage.
(Height x Width) x 2= X
(Height x Length) x 2= Y
X + Y = Total Square Footage Needed