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Under Concrete Insulation 500 sq.ft.

Under Concrete Insulation 500 sq.ft.


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Concrete slab insulation 4' x 125' Roll

Roll Size: 48"x125' (500 sf). This bubble insulation works best for under concrete slab projects. Benefits of having insulation under concrete slab structures (also called under slab insulation):
  • Eliminates dampness in basements
  • Moderates slab temperatures
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Strong 140 PSI compression rate
  • Creates a thermal break between ground and slab
  • Provides and excellent vapor & radon barrier
  • Serves as a moisture barrier, and also protects against termite infestation
  • High 85 PSI puncture rate
  • Designed specifically for use in concrete applications
  • Reduces heat loss by up to 57% (Bodycote Testing Laboratory 4/10/00)

Using Double Bubble Concrete Slab Insulation

EcoFoil® Ultra under concrete slab insulation is a patented insulation under concrete slab product and a breakthrough in the Concrete Insulation industry. The under slab insulation is specifically designed for use as a thermal barrier under concrete. Ultra Under Concrete Barrier blocks radiant heat and reflects it back up towards the surface. This concrete slab insulation product is also a vapor barrier insulation and provides a superior radiant and moisture barrier, as well as a thermal break. It is also an effective radon barrier if properly sealed with our white poly insulation tape. The patented design consists of a sheet of metalized polyester laminated between two layers of strong, compression resistant polyethylene bubbles. Laminating the Reflective Foil in between the sturdy bubble insulation ensures the integrity of the Foil by protecting it from corrosion and deterioration. This product boasts maximum thermal value while also providing excellent reflectivity, keeping your concrete dry and at a uniform temperature.

Where Is Under Concrete Floor Insulation Used?

Under Concrete Slabs with Radiant Heat -

Ultra Under Concrete Insulation performs superbly when used under concrete slabs with a radiant heating system. It will result in warmer floors and faster slab response times which will reduce the BTU consumption of the radiant heating system.

Under Concrete Slabs without Radiant Heat -

Radiant Slab Insulation can also be used under non-heated slabs and will provide an effective vapor, radon and moisture barrier. This reflective bubble insulation under concrete slab will provide a thermal value but each application varies in terms of efficiency. As a standalone product, installed without an air space (sandwiched directly between the ground and the slab) this bubble slab foundation insulation has an R-value of 3.8. A popular application for areas which require a higher R-value is to combine the concrete slab foundation insulation with a rigid insulation like one of the foam board insulation products mentioned above. By placing a rigid insulation like foam underneath the reflective bubble concrete insulation, you are achieving a higher R-value but also capitalizing on the reflective properties of the patented bubble concrete insulator.

Concrete Slab Insulation Installation

Find a full list of installation guides for Under Concrete Insulation Here.

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Under Concrete Insulation 500 Sq Ft Specifications

Download a printable spec sheet for this product: PDF DownloadUnder Concrete Insulation

Nominal Thickness5/16"
Weight1.16 oz/sq. ft.
Temp Range-50F to 180F (ASTM C411)
Emissivity43% (ASTM C1371-04A)
Reflectivity57% (ASTM E903)
Compression Strength140 psi (ASTM D751)
Tensile Strength21.13 lbs/sq. in. (CAN/CGSB - 51.33-M89)
Deflection10% under 0.5 psi (ASTM 1621)
Puncture Resistance85 lbs/sq. in.
Water Vapor Permeability<0.01 Perms (ASTM E96)
Resistance to FungiDoes Not Promote Growth (ASTM C1338)
Linear ShrinkageNone
FlexibilityNo Cracking (CAN/CGSB - 51.33-M89)
Thermal ResistanceR-3.8 (ASTM C236*)

*ASTM C236 modified to demonstrate the radiation effect of reflective foil on reducing the energy input at the room-side of the Guarded Hot Box.
Insulation under concrete slab is crucial to the longevity of your concrete and maximum energy efficiency. Floor surfaces less than 12 inches below grade should be insulation with a concrete slab insulation product.

People have been insulating underneath concrete for many years, but how effective are traditional concrete insulation products and methods? One of the most common products used is foam sheet insulation - available in several forms like expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polysocyanurate (ISO). These foam concrete insulation products do have an R-value of 4-6 per inch, but they can crack and break very easily under pressure. Also, unless an extra vapor barrier is used with it, foam insulation does not provide protection against thermal energy transfer, moisture vapor or radon. And most importantly, with foam insulation you are missing out on the benefit of reflectivity.

Our Under Concrete Barrier Insulation for under concrete slabs is designed to block the harmful ground elements from seeping up from below while at the same time reflecting radiant heat from above into your structure. For residential basements or commercial structures, this reflectivity will save you money on your energy bill, as the heat loss through the slab will be minimized. In a driveway or parking lot located in a colder climate, this same reflective property can help with snowmelt and prevent ice buildup, as the radiant warmth from the sun reflects back up, keeping your concrete at a consistently higher temperature. Under Concrete Slab Insulation can be used in many concrete applications such as basement floors, driveways, radiant heat floors and commercial building floors.

This new slab insulation product has a patented design that consists of a layer of pure aluminum centered between a layer of bubble insulation laminated to each side. This encapsulates the reflective foil sheet preventing it from being exposed to the ground or the concrete, ensuring the life and performance of the product.

Please note that regular foil bubble insulation cannot be used in insulation under concrete, because concrete, especially when it is curing, will corrode the foil if they are left in direct contact with one another. Also, this patented under concrete product has a higher compression strength and higher bursting strength than our regular bubble insulation, so as not to pop or burst under the pressure of the concrete slab.

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