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Commercial Building Insulation

Metal Building Insulation image
Improve the comfort, appearance and temperature of your building with insulation products from EcoFoil.

EcoFoil has a product to insulate every part of your structure: roof, walls, floors and cooling systems. Click on each link below to learn more about the benefits to using EcoFoil in your new or existing metal building.

Under Concrete Insulation Metal Building Wall Insulation Metal Building Roof Insulation

Metal Building Insulation

Radiant Heat Barrier Bubble Insulation for Metal Buildings image

EcoFoil bubble insulation provides both thermal insulation (r-value) and blocks up to 96% of radiant heat. EcoFoil bubble radiant heat barrier is installed in metal buildings, pole barns, post frame buildings and other commercial and agricultural buildings during construction or in retrofit applications, and is an excellent solution for buildings without finished interior walls.

Metal Building Roof Insulation

EcoFoil bubble insulation for metal building roofs image

Make your metal building energy efficient by using EcoFoil reflective bubble insulation on the underside of your roof. EcoFoil is a highly reflective surface that blocks radiant heat from entering your building.

Under Concrete Barrier Insulation

Learn about EcoFoil Ultra Under Concrete Barrier image

EcoFoil "Ultra" Under Concrete radiant barrier insulation is a patented bubble insulation specifically engineered for use in concrete. Ultra Under Concrete insulates your concrete floor and acts as a vapor barrier, protecting even against radioactive gases such as radon. Ultra Under Concrete is the only radiant barrier to resist corrosion from concrete making it the most cost effective type of reflective insulation on the market.

SCIF Ultra NT Barrier

Radiant Barrier for secure office environments image

EcoFoil "SCIF Ultra NT is a heavy duty radaint heat barrier sheet that is specifically engineered for sound attenuation and RF frequency shielding. SCIF is a term used by the Department of Defense (DOD) for a secure room or data center that inhibits electronic surveillance to supress data leakage.

Storage Unit Insulation

EcoFoil bubble insulation for storage units image

Keep your belongings safe from condensation that forms in metal buildings like storage units. Install EcoFoil's bubble foil insulation for a 100% vapor barrier.

HVAC Duct Insulation

Insulate your duct work for greater HVAC efficiency
EcoFoil offers an R-8 duct wrap to insulate your duct work, allowing your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently. Great for homes and commercial buildings, our duct insulation eliminates condensation issues that are common with duct work. Learn more about EcoFoil R8 Duct Insulation.