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Basement Vapor Barrier and Moisture Barrier


Item Description Price
Solid Radiant Barrier - 500 sf Roll image


Solid Radiant Barrier - 500 sf Roll $69.00 $69.00
Single Bubble Foil Insulation 500 s.f. image


Single Bubble Foil Insulation 500 s.f. $174.99
1 – 4$119.99
5 – 9$110.00
10 – 19$100.00
20 +$90.00
Single Bubble White / Foil Insulation 500 s.f. image


Single Bubble White / Foil Insulation 500 s.f. $164.99
1 – 4$104.99
5 – 9$98.00
10 – 19$90.00
20 +$80.00

A basement vapor barrier is an essential part of basement building projects. Basements are places that attract moisture from many sources because the naturally cool air will attract moisture from the rest of your home. The air and walls in your basement act just like a glass of ice water on a hot summer day and the moisture in the air will condense on the cool surface of your basement walls. This is why it is important to properly insulate and install an effective basement moisture barrier.

Basement Floor Vapor Barrier: Starting From The Ground Up.

Waterproofing concrete basement projects begin with preventing moisture migration from the soil beneath the floor. A high quality basement moisture barrier such as EcoFoil’s Under Concrete Insulation will prevent moisture and harmful gases such as radon from entering your home. Not only is EcoFoil a true basement vapor barrier (ASTM 96), it also increased the efficiency and comfort of your home by adding an additional R-4 of insulation and reflects up to 97% of radiant heat back in to your home. EcoFoil’s Under Concrete Basement Insulation is stronger than most basement floor vapor barriers because its puncture resistant bubbles protect it during the construction phase.

Considerations for your Basement Wall Vapor Barrier

There are many ways to insulate and install a vapor barrier in basement walls, and which method you choose will depend on the climate you live in, your local building codes, the design of your basement, and whether you are building new or remodeling. If you simply need a basement wall vapor barrier without insulating properties, then Ecofoil’s Solid Radiant Barrier is your solution. If your climate does require insulation, or you wish to add a little extra R-Value to your home then choose EcoFoil’s Bubble Insulation for your basement vapor barrier.

Installing a Vapor Barrier for Basement Walls

EcoFoil’s Solid Radiant barrier can be used anywhere a traditional polyethylene basement vapor barrier is used. After insulating your walls, simply install EcoFoil as your basement moisture barrier and install your drywall. In warmer climates EcoFoil’s bubble insulation will be sufficient as insulation and basement wall vapor barrier alone. You can install EcoFoil directly to furring strips or between studs, depending on your application. In the coldest climates you can use EcoFoil Bubble insulation as a vapor barrier in basement walls that adds extra R value to your existing insulation.

Conclusion: Do I Need a Vapor Barrier In My Basement?

The answer is yes! The cool concrete walls and floor in a basement are surfaces that tend to attract moisture; which is why the proper installation of insulation and a basement vapor barrier can prevent many problems which can cause damage to your home or even worse, many health problems for you and your family. EcoFoil’s Solid Radiant Barrier and Bubble Insulation are eco-friendly alternatives to plain polyethylene basement moisture barriers. EcoFoil is a true basement vapor barrier with a permeability of less than <0.02 perms (ASTM 96), and is resistant to fugal growth. Install EcoFoil in your next waterproofing concrete basement project; it is a basement moisture barrier that is safe and easy to install.