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Polyethylene Tape

This poly patch tape is comparable to 3M polyethylene tape and is resistant to moisture, flame spread and smoke generation. In exposed insulation applications, polyethylene film tape create a seamless finish, giving a pristine look to interior walls and ceilings. Our polyethelene tape has a UV protective coating to prevent against deterioration or fading and a high temperature resistance, which is ideal for use in heat repelling applications. EcoFoil's poly tape insulators have a high tack acrylic adhesive. This pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive forms a bond with the application surface that strengthens over time. We also carry a double sided white foam tape if you are looking for polyethylene foam tape.


Item Description Price
White Insulation Tape - 2'' x 150' image


White Insulation Tape - 2'' x 150' $12.99
1 – 4$11.99
5 – 9$11.00
10 – 19$9.50
20 +$8.00
White Insulation Tape - 3'' x 150' image


White Insulation Tape - 3'' x 150' $16.99
1 – 4$14.99
5 – 9$14.00
10 – 19$12.50
20 +$11.00

White polyethylene tape from EcoFoil is a heavy duty adhesive insulation tape that provides a secure seal in any any application, but is specifically intended to be used with our white poly bubble insulation. This poly tape maintains a complete seal in radiant barrier systems when the white poly reflective foil bubble insulation with UV resistant coating is being used - in metal buildings, agricultural structures, and other commercial building insulation applications. This white insulation tape also good for repairs in a bubble insulation system when you have rips, tears or other damages caused by extraneous circumstances.

Application instructions for Polyethelene tape: The surface to which the poly tape is applied must be free of oils, dust and dirt and cleaned with a dry cloth. It would be best to apply the white insulation tape by rolling out 1-2 feet at a time pressing the adhesive face firmly on the bubble insulation facing and then then rubbed from the center of the tape out toward the edges (like wallpaper). The more pressure that is applied to the poly tape, the more surface contact will be reached, therefore, the greater the bond surface. Care should be taken not to stretch the white tape tightly as this will create buckles and voids in the contact on both sides of the joint. Uneven width distribution when laying down polyethylene tape also puts additional stress on the smaller side of the butt joint.

Application Temperature: -10 C (14 F) to 50 C (122 F)
Temperature Resistance: -40 C (14 F) to 100 C (212 F)