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Metal Foil Duct Tape \ Foil Insulation Tape


Item Description Price
Foil Tape - Metalized Foil Insulation Tape - 2'' x 180' image


Foil Tape - Metalized Foil Insulation Tape - 2'' x 180' $14.99
1 – 4$11.99
5 – 9$11.00
10 – 19$10.00
20 +$8.00
Foil Tape - Metalized Foil Insulation Tape - 3'' x 180' image


Foil Tape - Metalized Foil Insulation Tape - 3'' x 180' $17.99
1 – 4$13.99
5 – 9$13.00
10 – 19$12.00
20 +$10.50
HVAC Tape - High Heat Duct Insulation Tape- 3'' x 150' image


HVAC Tape - High Heat Duct Insulation Tape- 3'' x 150' $15.99
1 – 4$15.99
5 – 9$14.99
10 – 19$13.99
20 +$12.99
HVAC Tape - High Heat Duct Insulation Tape- 2'' x 150' image


HVAC Tape - High Heat Duct Insulation Tape- 2'' x 150' $13.99
1 – 4$13.99
5 – 9$12.99
10 – 19$11.99
20 +$10.99
Aluminum Foil Tape For SCIF Insulation - 3'' x 150' image


Aluminum Foil Tape For SCIF Insulation - 3'' x 150' $16.99
1 – 4$14.99
5 – 9$14.00
10 – 19$13.00
20 +$12.00

This metal foil tape is primarily used to seal seams, cracks, gaps, punctures or tears in foil bubble insulation or solid radiant barrier house wrap. This foil duct tape is made with a specialized high strength tack adhesive which gives the foil insulation tape a firm hold to its surface. When applied correctly, the bond between the tape and the contact surface will become stronger over time. This foil duct tape is comparable to 3M aluminum foil tape, and is also referred to as HVAC foil tape as it can be used in HVAC duct insulation applications. EcoFoil offers 2 kinds of foil insulation tape - our basic metal foil reflective duct tape, and a specialized aluminum foil tape which has conductive properties and is often used in RF shielding applications with RF Shielding Aluminum Foil.

Our foil tape for insulation can be used effectively in both very cold and very hot climates - without melting and without losing its tack when cold. Call 888-349-3645 for special pricing on large orders of foil duct tape.

Foil Insulation Tape Application Instructions:

EcoFoil metal foil adhesive tapes are easy to apply and adheres securely. Peel the paper tab back to begin unrolling the foil duct tape. Roll out 1-2 feet at a time, and carefully press down onto the foil faced insulation or other application surface. Similar to adhering wallpaper, rub with your hands or fingers from the center of the tape out towards the edges to firmly secure the bond of the tape with the surface. The metal foil tape unrolls and cuts easily, and is thin and flexible despite its strength and superior hold.

This metal foil tape has an application temperature of -10C (14 F) to 50C (122 F), so it can be applied in environments as cold as negative ten degrees celcius with ease. This reflective foil adhesive tape can also withstand very hot climates and has a temperature resistance of -40C (-40 F) to 140C (280 F), so this foil adhesive tape can function even in extreme heat nearing 300 degrees fahrenheit.

Metal Foil Tape Applications and Uses

DO use this foil duct tape with any of the following of our foil insulation products:
-Solid Radiant Barrier
-Single Bubble Foil Insulation
-Double Bubble Foil Insulation
-Joist Insulation
-R-8 Duct Insulation
-Garage Door insulation

In all of these applications, this heat reflecting tape will aide in the blocking of radiant heat and compliment the performance of your reflective insulation as our reflective foil tape is made with the same metalized foil as our reflective insulation products. Our specialized electrically conductive aluminum tape is intended to be used with the SCIF radiant barrier RF Insulation product, and will aide in the blocking of emi and rf waves. This aluminum foilf duct tape will also work in all of the applications mentioned above, but is not necessary.

Do NOT use any of our metal foil tape or foil adhesive tape with the under concrete slab insulation product. This product is meant to have a concrete slab poured directly on top of it, and when the foil in our reflective foil tape comes into direct contact with curing concrete, it is possible that the foil may corrode and lose its reflective properties. Please use our white insulation tape with the under concrete product, not insulation foil tape.

Do NOT use this hvac foil tape with our perforated radiant barrier in attic applications. This attic barrier has perforations to prevent moisture and condensation buildup. By sealing the seams with foil insulation tape you are not letting air escape and could be encouraging harmful moisture buildup. The pieces of radiant barrier are meant to be laid next to one another - do not overlap the seams and do not tape them with heat reflecting tape.

Our foil adhesive tape is available in two roll sizes. We offer a 3" wide radiant barrier tape and a 2' wide adhesive foil tape. Both metal foil tape rolls are 150 feet long. Our aluminum foil tape for the SCIF barrier is 3" x 150'. The difference between the 3" foil tape, or wide foil tape,a nd the 2" foil duct tape is simply a preference. Some people think that the narrower 2" foil insulation tape is easier to work with, and other like the wide foil tape as it covers more surface area.