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Attic Stair Cover & Attic Door Insulation


Item Description Price
Attic Stair Insulator - Attic Door Insulated Cover - Draft Cap image


Attic Stair Insulator - Attic Door Insulated Cover - Draft Cap $139.99
1 – 4$139.99
5 – 9$135.00
10 – 19$130.00
20 +$120.00

Insulate Your Attic Stair Access With DraftCap

Adding a draft cap creates an efficient thermal barrier between your attic and living spaces.

Insulate your attic access using DraftCapAttic stair insulation is an important factor in energy efficiency - your attic access door represents one of the biggest weaknesses in the thermal barrier between the attic and living areas of your home. When you don't have an attic stair cover you reduce the effectiveness of other attic insulation by leaving a gap in overall protection. The draft cap provides a simple solution by insulating your attic access from heat loss. This attic hatch insulation problem is something you can fix without an installer or even a trip to the home improvement store- have your attic stair cover delivered directly to your door and you can have it in place to block escaping heat the same day.

DraftCap installs quickly and easily without the use of tools or hardware, simply glue and tape two pre-formed, lightweight sections together and lift the draft cap into place. The attic door cover rests over the stair opening (see photo at right) to provide a seal against drafts and heat loss. DraftCap still allows easy access to your attic: simply push the attic stair cover to the side when you need to enter the attic. When you're done it is easily re-positioned over your attic door access hatch. It only takes a minute to secure your insulated attic door in place using DraftCap.

This attic door insulation has an R-value of 11 and satisfies building codes. Using DraftCap as your attic staircase insulation means you will reduce heat loss in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer helping to improve your home's energy efficiency all year long.

The Association for Better Insulation reports that the average homeowner will save over $19 per month just by adding a draft cap to their attic access.[Click to view attic pull down stair insulation PDF report]

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  • DraftCap acts as attic stairs insulation on all standard attic door openings
  • DraftCap attic stair covers are EnergyStar certified.
  • DraftCap meets all local and federal building codes for attic access panel and attic ladder insulation.
  • DraftCap saves money by insulating attic door access points to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer through the attic stairwell.
  • DraftCap is lightweight, easy to assemble and place, other attic stair covers can be cumbersome or heavy.
  • Draft Cap has an R-11 insulation value and has met UL-94HF-1 specifications for flammability.

Invest in attic staircase insulation today and enjoy energy savings year-round.