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Double Bubble Insulation

Double Bubble Foil Foil Insulation

Double Bubble Foil Foil Insulation

Double Bubble Foil White Insulation

Double Bubble Foil White Insulation

Double the bubble for double the airspace.

Double the bubbles for double the airspace. The more airspace in the product, the better it is at slowing heat transfer.

Double bubble insulation provides the maximum efficiency and highest R-value for bubble insulation. Key benefits of this foil-faced double bubble include:
  • 1/4" - 5/16" nominal thickness of foil bubble insulation
  • 99.9% Pure Aluminum bonded to tear-resistant polyethylene core and bubblewrap insulation
  • Highly reflective foil facing
  • Optional UV resistant polyethylene facing on one side, foil on opposite side (foil double bubble white poly option)
  • Reflective bubble insulation has a very low rate of emissivity
  • Durable polyethylene bubbles make up the center bubblewrap insulation
  • Acts as 100% vapor barrier
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rating
  • Foil faced bubble wrap insulation makes an excellent thermal barrier
  • Barrier for methane, radon, moisture, termites and other pests
  • Thermal resistance in a 3.5" cavity: R-15.2 (Heat Flow Down), R-8.5 (Horizontal Heat Flow)

Foil-Double Bubble-Foil

The first bubble wrap insulation style available is "Foil-Double Bubble-Foil", which consists of a double layer of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between two layers of aluminum radiant barrier foil. Foil-Double Bubble-Foil insulation, also called foil faced bubble insulation, can be used in a variety of applications - this bubble insulation is lightweight and easy to handle, yet provides superior insulating value. The double bubble center creates maximum R-Value and the reflective foil on both outside surfaces reflect up to 96% of radiant heat. Because of the air space built between the layers of foil, this bubble insulation works to keep radiant heat from penetrating a structure from the outside, and the radiant foil reflects interior heat back into a structure from the inside. This is why double foil insulation works effectively in both hot and cold climates.

Roll of Double Bubble Foil / Foil Insulation Double Bubble Foil Insulation
Sizes available:

Foil-Double Bubble-White Poly

The alternative style to foil faced bubble insulation is bubble wrap insulation with a white finish on one side. This bubble foil insulation is referred to as "Foil-Double Bubble-White Poly". This bubble insulation foil consists of a double layer of polyethylene bubbles that are sandwiched between a layer of aluminum radiant barrier foil and a smooth white polyethylene sheet with UV protection. The white poly surface of the insulated bubble wrap is water resistant and very easy to keep clean. The smooth white side also provides a nice finished appearance and brightness to the interior of your building while maintaining the insulating value of the reflective foil bubble insulation. The double bubble center provides maximum R-Value as well as creating a vapor barrier than prevents water condensation. Foil-Double Bubble-White Poly is directional, only reflecting radiant heat from the foil coated side.

Roll of Double Bubble White / Foil Insulation white double bubble wrap insulation
Sizes available:
Note: Double bubble is not suitable for under concrete. Please refer to Under Concrete Reflective Bubble Insulation.